Wednesday, June 30, 2010


summer is already flying by!  and what would summer be without going swimming....even if it is only in your front yard.  cole went swimming for the first time in our blow up pool (which i think he thought was just a big bath and was confused as to why he was not naked!).  he has become a big splasher in the water these days which makes swimming a lot of fun.  how cute is this blow up pool?  thank you HEB.

we began the summer by sending brenner off to montgomery, alabama for air force officer training.  he was accepted into the chaplain candidacy program in the fall and in april he was sworn in as a lieutenant in the air force.  he won't start to serve on a regular basis until he graduates from seminary but he had 5 weeks of training in montgomery of condensed officer training.  in case you did not realize, 5 weeks is a long time for a husband to be gone from his wife and kiddo.  i have so much respect for the families of military men who do this on a regular basis and for longer periods of time!!!  it was hard!  but thankfully my mom (and dad later on) came out and spent most of the time with me.  hooray for parents!  

cole and i flew out to join our lieutenant for father's day and spent the rest of his time there in montgomery where we could see him a little until he graduated on the 25th.  brenner was blessed with an awesome roommate (also a chaplain) while at his training and their family is now dear to our hearts!  being able to go to brenner's graduation from officer training was amazing.  we are so proud of him and his desire to fulfill god's plan for his life!  plus, come on, who doesn't love a man in uniform???
nap time on father's day after a much anticipated reunion
brenner and his roommate shay bailey after the graduation ceremony

all the officer candidates during the graduation parade

brenner's squadron (he is the on the far left row, 2nd in line)
walking by us during the pass and review

the candidates repeating the oath of office

did i mention my brother chris came out for the graduation too?  

after graduation, we wandered down to daphne, alabama to visit my cousin jeff and his wife jaime.  we had so much fun with them and with jeff's new business facetime photobooth.  i am a huge fan!!!  how does this guy get any work down with this set up in his office??

we made one other stop before heading back to waco and that was of course in pass christian, mississippi.  we couldn't be that close to the williams family and not stop in for a visit!  as always, we had a blast.  we swam, went to the beach, ate crawfish and just hung out.  don't you just love friends that you can totally be yourself around???
so cole is almost 8 months and witt is 4 1/2 yet they are the same size!!
they were so cute!  and it's my fault that witt has no pants on...we were in a hurry to get to the beach!  sorry little man!

cole's first time in the sand!

here we are swimming for the first time in a real pool!  so what do you think of cole's sunglasses?  how cute does he look!  our pediatrician was telling us about the importance of protective eyewear at a young age so of course when i saw these, i thought, practical and adorable!  

i know, i look ridiculous, but sun safety is important

how cute is this? walker wanted to hold hands with the babies

we are finally back in waco after 10 days (me and cole) and 37 days (brenner) with lots to do before we leave again.  brenner has 10 more days of training beginning on monday (yes, in 5 days) so there are a few things to prepare.  

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is official. I am a blogger.

Well, I have caved.  I have for some reason decided to become a blogger.  I am not known for keeping up with anything on the internet so this is an adventure.  But, I feel that it is time that I a) see what all the fuss is about and b) document some of the interesting things that go on in my life (and interesting may be a relative term...).  So, here it is.  My blog.  Away we go!