Sunday, November 21, 2010

stripes + football

we took a few fabulous pictures the other day in the backyard.  i love stripes.  obsessed is probably the more correct.  therefore you will often see cole in stripes.  i think he looks adorable in these stripes.  
but i am biased.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

little red wagon.

first of all, let me apologize.  i have been MIA for over a week, if you haven't noticed, and that has been due to all the craziness here at casa de la campbell.  cole was sick.  like, really sick.  this was his first illness, and i am glad to report we have made it.  he has had a few minor colds, but this was a virus that basically had every symptom imaginable over the course of five days.  do you want me to list them?  i didn't think so.  we also had 5 people staying with us last week while cole was sick.  crazy!  but all is good.  cole is on the mend and life is back to normal.  if there is such a thing for us.  

my parents got cole a wagon for his birthday.  brenner and my dad put the wagon together and after a spin in the backyard, i decided to take cole for a spin around the neighborhood.  it did not end well.
it seems as if the assemblers forgot to assemble all the parts. hhhmmmmmm.  let's just say it was a good thing brenner was home when this happened.  we had to be rescued.  fortunately my skilled son avoided falling out of the wagon as it collapsed.  he has skills (actually the football stopped him!)

anyway, all is well now and cole loves him wagon!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

final party post. i promise.

by the end of the party, we thought cole had had enough.  
 party overload:
 but it turned out that he just developed an aversion to the party hat.  
once removed, life was good. and these precious shots were taken.
am i lucky to have this little guy or what?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

party time.

we were so blessed to have so many friends and family celebrate with us.  we had 40 people in the house!!!  here are just some of the pictures.

hangin' with hannah
great grandma mimi
 the campbell clan (thanks brownwood bunch for coming!)
 uncle adam
 cousin bill
laughing with tia
eyes for aunt jenna
 our one family shot (not the best but it will do)

decorating the planes


everyone in the carport (always a lovely setting for a party)
 sidewalk chalk
fun.  lots o' fun.  there are many more pics but i will leave you with one final one.  i promised i would not post this.  i lied.  again. nothin says party like party hats.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

boy + cake.

the little man had mixed emotions about the cake.  while he did not have an aversion to the cake, he did not particularly appear to love it.  the thought that he might not leap at his first real taste of sugar did not occur to me.  the fact that we would actually have to shove the cake into his mouth never occurred to me either.  should we have dna testing done?  
is he related to me?

he was such a good sport and wore the party hat for a long time!!  

 excuse me, can i be done? 
 i am tired and have eaten most of my cake.  
please come rescue me from the sugar!

 he perked up a little. 
 this is one of my favorite pictures from the party!

 pausing to pose with aunt jenna.

Monday, November 1, 2010


here is what our party invitation looked like.  i think it turned out soooo cute!

The theme of the party was airplanes.

the front door. 
on the table with the goodie bags.

 we hung airplanes from the ceiling and fans throughout the house.

 we had wooden airplanes to decorate with wood markers.  
 the happy birthday banner!
table decor
 some of the food...fruit straws
 we had more food than this but at this point people started arriving and i ran out of time to get pics!  more tomorrow.....