Sunday, March 16, 2014

God is good. Always.

Last week we closed on the selling of our house!  
After 2 years of the house being on the market, it finally sold.  
And we are so grateful.  
But we are not grateful just because the house sold.  
We are grateful that God's plan was way better than ours.  
His always is.  
We obviously wanted our house to sell as soon as we put in on the market.  We thought we had a plan for what we would do when it sold and we thought that everything would work out perfectly.  
But God knew that he was taking us in a different direction (such as California!) and it was not the right time to move only to have to move again.  
And so we waited.  
Sometimes I was more patient than others because attempting to keep a large house organized and ready for showings with 3 littles running around was pretty impossible.  But God also knew that a mom with 3 littles always needs more practice with being patient :)
So we left our house in Waco unsold as we moved across the country, trusting it would work out.  
Which of course it did.  
God is so good because He knew what we needed and when.  
We are so grateful that His plan is perfect.  
We are grateful the house sold, but we would continue to be grateful that God's plan is good even if it remained unsold.  Because all things have a purpose and a plan.
God has a way of taking our plans that we constantly make and throwing them out the window.  
Anybody else feel that way?
Married while still in college?
Major career change?
Move across the country?
I never expected these things and yet each one has resulted in blessings and great growth.  
God is good.  
And THAT is why I am grateful.  
And so we now say goodbye to our house. 
Our first house together that we moved into when we got married.  
The house where we brought 3 babies home to. 
The house that was our home for a decade.  
Here is a picture of how the house looked when we moved into it:
I think the house changed as much as we did while we lived in it.  

So long Austin Avenue!