Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Two years ago we were told that one or both of these girls would not make it.  
The doctors told us that their condition, twin to twin transfusion, was non-reversible.  
But they don't know my God. 
They don't know that He still performs miracles.  That HE is the great physician.  

And he HEALED them.  

There were so many people that prayed for these two.  Their prayers were answered and we are thankful everyday for them.  They were answered.

Their little lives are a testimony to God's faithfulness.  
And we are so, so thankful for these two.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


i love this picture of clara.  
both of the girls have blankets that they love and carry around.  clara's is a little cow and elise loves a big fuzzy pink one that is about 9 times the size of clara's.  
(it is really convenient to carry around.)
clara woke up from nap early one day and i snapped this photo of her standing on our bed.  she carries her blanket, or meme as they call it, on her shoulder like this a lot.
i love this sweet age where comfort is so quick to come through mama and a blanket.  
it is also the sweetest picture of how we should cling to christ.  
carry him next to us at all times, cling to him when we are upset, tired or afraid to provide comfort and be a constant reminder of peace. 
we should desire to have christ with us all the time.
my sweet clara bug. i am so in love. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

off to africa.

brenner left this morning for zimbabwe, africa.  
this is his 7th trip over there!
and while i get to hang out with the little people and have them all to myself for 10 days which will be be pretty fun, we are going to miss brenner and i long for the day when i can go with him!  i have yet to go and my heart is bursting to see the country, the orphanage, and the kids growing up there.
i am so proud of all the work that he does over there and the love that he has for that country and their children.   

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

fun and fair.

a couple weeks ago we met up with some friends over to Baylor for an event put on by a bunch of students.  it was a fish fry plus they had tons of bounce houses and inflatables which our kids loved.  
if you didn't know this by now, they are quite the active bunch of children so this was a perfect setting for them to go crazy. 
and they did.
they ate their first cotton candy, cole rode a bull and we took over the bounce house with the slide for about 30 minutes.  
it was great.

  the heart of texas fair and rodeo was also in town a couple of weeks ago and so we braved it with the whole family.  
the fair is a big deal in waco and it is packed every night.  i am not a big theme park/crowds person, but we did have a lot of fun.  cole participated in the mutton bustin, which was hilarious.  and for those of you city folk who don't know what that is, it is when little kids ride on the back of sheep to see how long they can hold on.  it is like bull riding for kids kind of.  it is awesome.

here is the video:

we all rode the ferris wheel together (which i did not enjoy because i was nervous about the kids, but they all loved) and we rode the merry go round, which was a huge hit for the girls.  
clara kept pushing my hand away from holding her saying, "mo!" (no) because she wanted to do it all by herself.

we had a great time looking at lots of animals, riding the rides and hanging out together!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 months.

hey y'all.  
i know. 
i have been slacking.  
to be perfectly honest, i am little overwhelmed these days.  
oh, i don't know.  
maybe because i am moving in exactly 3 months from today?
3 months left in waco.  
so many people to see, places to go, and things to pack up.
squeeze all the extras into the normal days and it is a lot that we are trying to pack in.
it is kind of overwhelming me some days.

okay, that is enough of me complaining.  
i am seriously going to get back into a better blogging routine.  
there are lots of things to catch up on.
but for now here is a good glimpse of what my two teething angles have looked like the last couple of weeks.  they want their mama all the time for comfort after fevers and drool and mouth pain.  they clench their fists and scream when i don't immediately cooperate. a little dramatic maybe?
fun times.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We went to the pumpkin patch today for everyone to get pumpkins!  I absolutely adore fall and am obsessed with everything pumpkin!  
All the kids chose their own pumpkin and then we got several more for decoration around the house.  
With as much as these kids love to carry, throw and hug their pumpkins, something tells me we may be stopping by the pumpkin patch several more times before fall is over!
Clara wasn't in the mood for smiling much but I still got some pretty cute pictures of my little pumpkin pickers!