Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Cole!

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated our little man turning 5!!!
For his birthday, Cole wanted to have special time with just his mama and daddy.  
So we worked it out to get away with him for 24 hours.  
We basically let him choose whatever he wanted to do, so of course we played putt putt golf first.
Then we went to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park.   

Then we got frozen yogurt, watched a movie, ate chips and guacamole for dinner at Chipotle, and then onto swimming at the hotel pool.  
And of course there was a special chocolate chip pancake breakfast!
We seriously all had SO much fun!!  I don't know who enjoyed the time more, Cole or his parents!  
We are so thankful for this boy and the joy and craziness that he adds to our lives each day!

And while we were off having fun with Cole, our dear friends, the Goeckers, kept the girls for us.  
Here are a few pictures I stole from her blog of their time together.  We are so grateful for their love of us and our kids!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Air Force Ball

I am definitely a little behind in all of my posts these days.  
So here, a few weeks late, are a few pictures from our first Air Force Ball.  
We had SO much fun!!  
This was the first occasion since college where we got to get all pretty and sparkly.
I found an amazing dress and even curled my hair...can't you tell?
The forces of nature were not in my favor that night so seriously, this is how my "curled" hair looked after 30 minutes of intense curling iron, hair gel and hairspray works.  
Oh well!  Surprisingly, it does not look horrendous after all I put it through.
The ball was in a hanger on base so it was fun to get pictures next to all the planes.  The one behind us here is the MC12, which is actually leaving the Air Force and going to the Army.
And a few pictures with some friends....

Such a fun night!  I forgot how fun it is to get dressed up with your man!!