Thursday, June 30, 2011

latte day.

today, in my family, was latte day.  

we drank lattes to honor and remember my aunt who died two years ago.  and she was obsessed with coffee.  and actually, she was the one who taught me how to make coffee.  she was the one who went with me to buy my first coffee maker when she came to town and, heaven forbid, i didn't have one yet.

so today, all over the country, we drank lattes to honor shirley.  
i drank a latte when it was 102° outside. right before i went swimming.  but for shirley, anything. 
i cried when i drank my latte.  i laughed when i drank my latte.    

in the past five years i have lost an aunt, an uncle, a great aunt, a father-in-law, a grandparent and a sweet dog.  at times i cry when i think about these wonderful people in my life.  but then we have a day like latte day, where i had the most wonderful memories about shirley all day long and it made me smile through my tears.  

to shirley.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

one year.

well friends, it has been one year since the beginning of this blog.
first, i must say that i am proud of myself for making it one year.  i wasn't sure i would.  i wasn't sure i would make it a month.  but, lucky for you, i have made it this far.  and who knows?  maybe for some of you this has been the highlight of your last year.
 if it is, you live a very sad life.
just kidding.
kind of.

but seriously, thank you for being interested in our little life here in waco, texas.

in honor of our one year anniversary here at blogspot, i have nothing exciting to post about.

so i leave you with a picture of my munchkin. because after all, he is the star of this here blog.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

time for a haircut???

brenner is starting to push for cole to get his hair cut.  i am not quite ready.  we have almost trimmed it a few times but then something happens and we don't do it.  and the longer we don't do, it the harder it will be.  

look at these little curls.  

i'm not sure i can do it yet. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

trip to houston.

we went to houston over the weekend to go to a wedding and see some friends.  It was a fast, fun trip.  we stayed with brenner's friend from college and his brother, both of whom we used to see more when we had our lake house.  sniff. sniff.  apparently waco is too boring to visit.  

anyways, we stayed with trevor and ryan on friday night and went to eat at lupe tortillas to eat the best beef fajitas in houston.  A-MAZ-ING.  cole can put away some serious beef fajitas too.  it would make his great-granddad the beef rancher very proud.

i made the boys smile pretty for a picture.

saturday night we stayed with the bartons.  meredith and i have been friends since we were 12.  her daughter and cole got along well.  fayne is 3 1/2 months older than cole.  we decided to take pictures of them taking a bath together so we can have something to blackmail them with when they are older.  we are great parents.  

look at these little cutie pies. 

and of course i forgot to actually get a picture with my friend.  or of all of us.  we will have to wait until next time!  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ahoy matey.

last weekend we had a birthday party for one of cole's friends.  this is the only friend whose name he can actually say, Austin. he turned two and the party was pirate themed.  there was a bounce house.
 there was a sandbox where they dug for treasure
 someone gave us this little shirt which was so perfect for the party.  i am not a fan of sleeveless shirts for boys, but i made an exception.
 how cute was the cake?
too bad it was 102°. but it was still fun.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

father's day.

father's day was a fun.  
we ate good food, had fellowship with good friends, we swam and we even got to see 
my dad who flew in for work.  
i was reminded of last year's father's day.  
cole and i met brenner in alabama where he had been stationed for
 air force training for 4 weeks already.  
we flew in the night before father's day to see him. it was a sweet day.
here is a picture of cole and brenner from this year.
cole is driving his truck up and down brenner going "vvvrrrooommmmm".
super cute.

Monday, June 20, 2011

hot. hot. hot.

it has been crazy hot here.  
this past week has gone something like this:

sounds like fun, huh?

cole has been trying very hard to stay cool.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

joys and annoys.

5 things that annoy me

1. limiting the number of pieces that i am allowed to take into a dressing room.  i went to target last week to get a new bathing suit and there was a six piece limit.  i had five bathing suits.  two-piece bathing suits.  they would only let me take in three bathing suits because each was two pieces.  i kindly explained to them that they were sets, together, that made up one bathing suit and that i was wanting to try on five bathing suits.  they refused.  they said i had too many pieces and i would have to leave two suits in my cart.  have they ever tried on bathing suits with a 19 month old?  would they want to walk back out of the dressing area in a two piece in front of the whole stinking store, with a child, just to get the other two suits out of their cart?  no.  i was greatly annoyed to say the least. 

2. people who let their children do inappropriate things during church.
 for the past several weeks, we have sat in the same spot during the church service which has happened to be near the same family each week.  they have a few kids probably ages 6, 8, and 10.  they let their kids watch videos and play games on their iphones, they let them spread all their colors and paper all over the floor and they got up and left the sanctuary and came back in no less than 5 times.  totally unacceptable. totally annoying. 

3.  cockroaches.
the saying that everything is bigger in texas is true.  but the phrase is usually used when describing things that we want to be bigger.  no one told me about the cockroaches in texas.  i wouldn't have signed up to live in texas if they had been included in the baylor university brochure.  this time of year they are inevitable and this time of year i scream like a 3-year-old girl on a regular basis.  i can never read the metamorphosis again.

4. people who talk about poop.
i have some really sweet friends.  however, some of them share a little too openly about the poop that they encounter in their lives.  fortunately, it is usually about their children, so it makes it a little less gross.  but still, come on people, no one cares.  and no one really wants to know about what your child did, is doing, or is trying to do in that area.  seriously.  it is one thing to discuss this in person, mom to mom or to occasionally mention it on a blog (my disclaimer).  but on facebook?  regularly?  no.  the line has been crossed.

5. my electric bill.
it was bad.  like, i gasped and stopped breathing bad.  despite the fact that the house temperature was set at 80 for the last month.  and this is only the middle of june.  i can't wait to move and get a house with better insulation and temperature control instead of this crazy old house.  by the way, anyone want to buy a great house?

5 things that bring me joy

1.  cole's crazy, wild hair after he wakes up from a nap.

2. sonic.
enough said.

3. saving $46.00 at the grocery store yesterday.
 paying $95 was still not fun, but much better than $141.  i do not claim to be an extreme couponer by any means.  first of all, i try not to be labeled extreme in any area of my life.  not good for the reputation.  secondly, those people buy things that i don't buy, such as 5,000 lbs of rice-a-roni.  you never see extreme couponing: organic foods aisle.  these people don't buy healthy stuff. only 300 lbs of snicker bars.  and man cannot live on snickers bars alone.  or at all around here since i don't eat them.
but i was pleased.  is it weird that i take pride in how much i save at the grocery store?  probably.  but that's okay.

4. summer fruits and vegetables.
i am obsessed with summer fruits and vegetables.  while at the grocery store yesterday, i raided the produce section.  the bell peppers, the melons, the grapes.  awesome.  we also like to go to the farmer's market to stock up on green beans, peaches and okra.  and then there is brother in law.  he generously supplies us with ridiculously large zucchini, several kinds of summer squash and jalepeno peppers.  yesterday he also brought me an eggplant.  this makes me happy.  especially the zucchini.  because then i can make my AMAZING zucchini bread.  i have made 4 loaves in the last 8 days.  i cannot share with you how much i may or may not have eaten out of said loaves.  

5.  running.
oh, how i will miss this neighborhood when we move, whenever that will be.  i love to run in this neighborhood.  but i really just love to run.  time to myself, cruising to the jam and usually one of these guys.
i am such a better person when i run in the mornings.  trust me. not only does running bring me joy, it brings my boys joy too.   

these were my random thoughts today.  just thought i'd share. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the happy couple.

this will be the last wedding post.  
these photos are just of jenna and adam.

 LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this photo.  should be in a bridal magazine.  

Sunday, June 12, 2011

reception photos.

here are a few pics from the reception.  are you tired of wedding photos yet?  too bad.
 making their grand entrance!

the wedding cake.  cherry blossoms!  perfect for a springtime wedding in D.C.

 with nana and poppy.

 thinking about his next dance move.  

 this wedding cost how much???

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wedding photos. post wedding.

the grandmas.

a few family shots.

this is definitely not our best family photo ever.  but it's great of adam and jenna!

the walton clan.

 the provinse clan.
 (yes friends, we have a lot of family.  and this wasn't even close to everyone!)

 LOVE this photo.  it is going to go up on the wall next to the one of me and sister at my wedding.