Monday, August 31, 2015

Seize the day!

One of our goals while we are on the East Coast has been to make as many memories as we can and do fun things to take advantage of the area and grandparent babysitters :)  We wanted to seize the day as many days as we could!

I have a really hard time getting enough one on one time with the kids usually, especially the girls, so it has been fun to do some special things with them here.  One day Clara and I went to the toy store and picked out new sparkly purses for her and Elise and then ate lunch at Chipotle because she shares my obsession with guacamole.

Cole, my dad and I went to Philadelphia for a couple of days where we visited the Franklin Institue, an interactive science museum.  We could barely keep up him as he ran through the museum, learning about the human heart, making paper, weather, space and visiting the special Lego exhibit. 

Saturday morning I ran a half marathon which was SO fun!!  I have not a race in a year and while I did not PR because I didn't train for it as I could only fit in a few long runs and it was 80 degrees, I ran it in 1:50 so not too bad.  I am not used to running in humidity any more but I LOVE running races and it was fun to have Cole and my dad at the finish line. 
After the race we headed downtown to see the Liberty Bell and eat Philly cheesesteaks.  Yum!! Such a fun getaway and I am beyond thankful for parents that help support my adventures.

The kids and I also took a quick trip to Bethany Beach, Delaware.  This was a beach I went to a bunch in high school and I love it! It is such a cute beach town and we had a great time digging, swimming in the ocean and the pool, eating ice cream on the boardwalk and making fun memories.  

Cole, my mom and I went on a lunch date to one of our favorite restaurants while Poppy took the girls to lunch.
We took a roadtrip to Charlottesville to see one of my sweet friends from a couple decades ago!!  I was able to meet and pray over their 3rd son and catch up with their family.  I am so glad that we got to see them, I always am so blessed by Laura!

We also roadtripped to Langley Air Force Base and met up with our first Air Force friends.  Shay and Brenner had been roommates at officer candidate school and I stayed with his wife for a few days at the end of their school so we could see their graduation.  We all instantly bonded and have stayed connected and in prayer together for 5 years before being reunited.  We each only had one child back them so this was a crazy trip!  We love the Bailey's and the way God has allowed our paths and hearts to cross.

And absolutely one of the best things about this summer was spending more time with my best friend Annie.  Met on the 1st day of 7th grade and Lordy Lordy we have been through a lot!  I would not give up this friendship for anything!  

A little of DC

We tried to take advantage of our short time in DC to go see some of the sights like the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, American History Museum, and of course a Nationals baseball game or two!  This really is such a great city!

Family visits

Hang in there with me as I finish up (finally!!!) my last few posts from our summer.  

Over the summer we were able to see a lot of family as they came to visit.  My cousin Tim and his wife Karen had their baby in the middle of our visit so it was such a blessing to be able to meet him and celebrate him both before and after his arrival.  We had a baby shower for baby Samuel before he was born and my cousin Kristen and her kids came down.  They came back, along with my cousin Stan and Aunt Beth, after the birth which meant lots more time for all the crazy kiddos to hang out!  It is really hard being so far from our cousins all the time, so I absolutely cherish the time that we have together to build those relationships.  Clearly, we had a good time!!