Thursday, January 21, 2016


Ahhhh, Texas.  There is no place like home.  And yes, while not born and raised in Texas, I really do consider it home, and probably always will.  It won we over really fast.  

Anyways, we were able to go back to Waco for about a week after we went to Oklahoma and it was sooooo good to be back and catch up with friends and family.  We really did have an amazing trip and even though every trip back will be too short, we are grateful to connect with some of our people.  And thankful that we can go to places like Common Grounds for amazing coffee 8 days straight and feel no guilt.  Because, well, good coffee is life. 

We connected with a Beale AFB friend that moved to San Antonio over the summer.  We met in the middle in Austin at a children's museum and had the best day!
Baylor's Christmas on 5th street took place during our visit and we met up with some friends (these are their kids) and took this adorable photo.  It was a wild and fun night!
Pokey-O's ice cream cookie sandwich truck.  Yummmm.
Brenner was asked to do the invocation for the Baylor game so we got to experience our first game in the new stadium with Cole for the last game of the season against Texas.

Dr. Pepper float.  Definitely don't have these in California.

More Common Grounds photos.  Because that place really is just the best!
Trying to get a picture with Brenner's mom.  This photo shoot had me laughing so hard.  Clara and Elise are taking turns pretending to be frozen like Anna (at the end of the movie Frozen).  These goofballs...
Some sweet best friends, Carter and Caroline!!

Some more besties!!!

I missed photo ops on numerous occasions so this does not really reflect well all of our adventures and time there but as always, it was a lot of fun!


Soooo, here is a little recap of the second trip we took once Brenner got home.  One of these days I may get back to blogging as much as I want, but for now, I will catch up when I have time to sit down and think in the evenings and not fall asleep at 8:15 :) 

The open plains of Oklahoma are good for the soul.  We love going to our family ranch and we had such a relaxing Thanksgiving and week there.  My parents were able to meet us and it was so amazing to relax, have a couple of date nights, hike, play in the snow/ice that blew in, see friends, watch old black and white movies and give thanks.