Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We've landed in the East.

We have been in DC with my parents for over 3 weeks now.  We decided early on to spend the summer with them to help break up the deployment and we are SO glad that we did.  It has been such a joy and a blessing to be around family and friends here.  Here are just a few pictures...

The Campbells always pack light...9 bags plus stroller and carry on.  And our flight left at 7 am so the kids left the house in their jammies and stayed in them through check in.
Nana and Poppy have a pretty sweet bathtub.
Everyone always wants to be Goliath.
Hanging out with my nephew has been so fun!  #nopersonalspace

Always finding new spots to play and hide.

Walking to the library!

Playing grocery store. They said that they go together to the store so one can push the cart and the other can carry the baby.  Little mamas for sure.
We are having so much fun and we have so many more fun things planned for the rest of the time we are here!!