Wednesday, September 29, 2010


people we have teeth!  two teeth are coming through on the bottom.  no pics yet because cole won't let me snap a photo while holding down his bottom lip (i tried for about 10 minutes!).  i told a lady at work about cole's new pearly whites and she said "he's just now gettin' teeths?" nice.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

happenings at the campbell house.

Here are a bunch of random things in the life of the campbells:

campbells go green:
we are officially recycling more than we are producing trash.  we are putting out about 1 or 2 bags of garbage each week and are putting out 2 recycling BINS.  how cool is that?

cole's first art project:
cole completed his first masterpiece while at school.  they said that he loved getting paint of his feet (which is a sure sign that he will love getting dirty) and that he was very ticklish (which we know very well!)

new coffee table:
we got a new coffee table!  yeah!  i liked our old one but it had really sharp corners which cole had already fallen into a few times and was definitely not child friendly.  in comparison, our new one is pretty, functional and great for kids.  We also switched out our rug for one that we have had for several the the living room.  So, not only is the room lookin spiffy, it is also less crowded. These pics are not great of the rug but trust me, it looks good.  

brenner surprised me this week by sending me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  this was the best picture that i could get.  i could not find a blank backdrop.

aren't they beautiful?  i feel so special.

we got a new stroller too which we needed since cole had one that was just the bare frame which his carseat fit into.  well, since he is about to grow out of his carseat, we also needed a new stroller.  isn't it pretty?
and is it already being put to good use!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Cole is totally obsessed with the camera.  he loves it when i allow him to play with it (which is RARE).  

he waves it around
and squeals and makes funny faces while swinging it around (note the fluffy tuft of hair sticking out to the side....)
he questions my motives as i move towards repossessing the camera
the camera is gone.....and this is what happens. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

funny face.

so over the weekend when we were in oklahoma, cole began making this really funny face whenever we started to take a picture.  i didn't think that kids know how to ruin your photos this early in life?  some examples?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

not to be forgotten.

here are a few more pictures from our trip to oklahoma that i thought were too cute not to post.
making sure that i have everything in the diaper bag that we emptying the content s first to take inventory of course.
looking handsome

oops!  i almost dropped my book!
my two men watching baylor play a not so successful game versus tcu
eating breakfast
i love grandma's old fashioned high chair!

waiting by the front door for dad to come back from his run

sooner land.

this weekend we went to oklahoma to see family and go to a wedding of a dear friend.  first we went to tulsa where we stayed with my grandma and got to see a bunch of my cousins and other family.  i must interject here that my 96-year old grandma is a devout follower of my blog.  don't you wish that your grandmother was that cool?  anyway, we had a great time.  as always, we had chocolate cake at every meal (including with breakfast one morning) because everybody knows that grandma's chocolate cake is amazing.
grandma also got all her little great grandkids these adorable little red chairs that he loves.  she still had 3 of them at here house and they were all lined up together which cole liked even more as he crawled all over them and used them to get to the piano.

he also got to play with his 3rd cousins who adore him.  they all want to hold baby cole.
can you feel the love in this photo?

cole loved the blocks too that are at grandmas house.  the best part?  you can dump them all over the place.  did i mention that is his favorite activity?  he is obsessed about pulling things out of bags, baskets, drawers, piles....basically anything that he can spread out all over the room and make into a huge mess.  no doubt that we have a boy on our hands. 
and of course cole had lots of time with great-grandma.

then we went to oklahoma city for the wedding of an old friend. Congrats Laura and Cameron!  
fun times at the reception!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

museum time.

my dad is in town and we went to the mayborn museum here in town.  cole and i had been before but it had been a while and he wasn't crawling yet so he couldn't really enjoy it.  this time he LOVED it. we started off in the transportation room.  we spent 40 minutes in here as he got into everything.  he drove the firetruck....
he rode the little cars (or at least he tried to)
he played with trains
we visited the little town

he tried to water the garden 

he loved the perfect-sized couch

complete fascination with this wooden maze

and after the museum he was so tired that he conked out before we left the parking lot.  we were tired too but instead of a nap, my dad and i went to our favorite place, the dr. pepper museum, to get dr. pepper flurries with old fashioned soda fountain dr. pepper.  cole man never even woke up.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


i found some old photos that i meant to post ages ago.  these were taken back when i was in dc. they are too cute not to post. here are a few shots from the pool.

ready for the best one?

and a few with aunt jenna and uncle adam!!