About Me

I’m Stephanie.  
East Coaster by birth turned Texan by marriage.   I met my husband, Brenner, on my first day at college and we were married two years later.  After years of working and living in Waco, Texas God turned our world upside down calling my husband to join the military as a chaplain.

We now find ourselves in full time ministry with the United States Air Force, living in California.   After spending years living life the way we wanted to, God changed our hearts and we now are devoted to living our life committed to the plans that He has for us.

I spend my days at home with my littles, homeschooling, cooking and baking, and loving each day God gives me to mold tiny hearts for His kingdom.  This little space is a place for me to share our lives and hearts with a lots of laughs along the way.  

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